Morocco: First Female Mayor of Rabat Resigns

Thu Feb 29 2024
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RABAT, Morocco: The first female mayor of Rabat resigned on Wednesday following criticism of her administration in the Moroccan capital.

Asma Lalalu, 54, has been criticized for months by elected officials and the city council for her “disastrous” and “autocratic” management of the city, according to local media reports.

“I prefer to prioritise the interests of the city and its citizens in the face of the blockage that Rabat is experiencing,” she said.

Mr. Lalalu submitted his resignation to the local governor.

Some criticism of the mayor has focused on the use of city funds to rebuild the Marrakesh area, which was badly damaged in last year’s earthquake.

Lalalou, a former journalist and member of Morocco’s ruling National Council for Independence party, was elected in September 2021 for a six-year term.

Two other women named Nabila Lumiri and Fateme Azaleh Al-Mansouri were elected mayors of Casablanca and Morocco, respectively, and became the first mayors of the North African states.


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