Murad Ali Shah Pledges Continued Service as Sindh CM

Mon Feb 26 2024
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KARACHI: Sindh’s Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that their performance in the 2024 elections reflects their capability and will elect party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto as prime minister in the forthcoming elections.

Addressing on the floor of the Sindh Assembly, he acknowledged Bilawal Bhutto as the prospective leader of the nation, foreseeing his ascent to the position of Prime Minister through the people’s mandate in the next elections.

Shah expressed his gratitude for being elected Chief Minister for the third consecutive term, pledging unwavering dedication to public service. Shah reminisced about his political journey, attributing his entry into politics to the late Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.

Emphasizing his commitment to integrity, Shah expressed his aspiration to leave office with honor when the time comes. He thanked the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) for their trust and highlighted his deep connection to Karachi, where he was born and educated. Shah outlined various initiatives launched under his leadership, such as the Kisan card and hunger eradication programs in Sindh.

Paying homage to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for his contribution to the country’s constitution and crediting Asif Zardari for its preservation, Shah urged support for Zardari in the presidential election, expressing confidence in convincing people across all provinces to vote for the PPP.

Despite facing challenges, including speculation about his potential arrest, Shah remained resolute, with Bilawal Bhutto expressing confidence in his leadership even in adverse situations. He emphasized transparency in the electoral process and stressed the importance of stability in the country, noting the increasing support from the people of Sindh.

Acknowledging objections to the election results, Shah committed to pursuing legal avenues while prioritizing issues like clean drinking water provision and addressing concerns tarnishing Sindh’s reputation. He underlined the need for effective leadership to tackle challenges such as street crime and operations in sensitive areas, citing Bilawal Bhutto’s past leadership during crises as an example.

Expressing confidence in the PPP’s legacy of service, Shah assured that past shortcomings would be rectified. Referring to Bilawal Bhutto’s 10-point vision, he anticipated significant achievements in the upcoming term of the Assembly, projecting a strong mandate for the PPP with a century of seats.

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