Mushaal Expresses Concern at Human Rights Violations in Occupied Kashmir

Tue Nov 21 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Mushaal Hussein Mullick, Special Assistant to the Caretaker Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women Empowerment, Tuesday expressed profound distress regarding the alarming state of affairs orchestrated by Indian occupation forces against innocent Kashmiri Muslims in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

In an interview with a private news channel, she emphasized the critical role of international powers and UN agencies, urging them not to remain passive witnesses to the escalating tragedies faced by Palestinians and Kashmiris. Instead, she urged them to awaken and vocally oppose the atrocities inflicted upon the Kashmiri populace.

She underscored that the Modi-led BJP government ought to abstain from enforcing undemocratic, unconstitutional, and oppressive policies, advocating for dialogue as the sole path toward a fair and enduring resolution of the Kashmir issue.

Asserting that world powers must utilize their influence to curb Israeli and Indian aggressions, Mushaal questioned the credibility of the United Nations in this context.

She stressed the international community’s duty to mitigate the suffering of the Kashmiri people and support their fundamental right to self-determination.

Responding to queries, she highlighted the unyielding spirit of the people of IIOJK, stating that despite facing India’s brutal forces, Kashmiris steadfastly refused to bow down. Their sacrifices, braving bullets for their cause, symbolize their unwavering commitment.

She added that through peaceful means, including protests, Kashmiris seek the attention of the international community to resolve this enduring dispute.

Furthermore, Mushaal mentioned the unwavering determination of the people of IIOJK to see through the ongoing resistance movement until its logical culmination.

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