Muslim Hands’ Open Kitchen Organizes Free Christmas Market in London

Sat Dec 23 2023
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HOUNSLOW: A free Christmas market was set up in Hounslow, London, by the Open Kitchen, an initiative of the Muslim Hands, to distribute daily necessities to needy individuals in the area. Hundreds of people benefited from the free market.

Like the previous year, the Open Kitchen organized a free Christmas market this year as well to express solidarity with the local community during the festivities. Basic items of life were distributed to hundreds of people, and people eagerly awaited the opening by standing in lines since early morning.

The opening ceremony was attended by Councilor Shantu Rajwant, Councilor Samia Chaudhry, Councilor Danesh, and Councilor Miller.

On this occasion, Shantanu Rajawat said that the Open Kitchen has provided meals to more than five hundred thousand people so far, and the praise for it is less than it deserves.

On the other hand, Ehsan Shahid, the coordinator of the Open Kitchen, mentioned that the Open Kitchen distributes meals to the needy every day, and in addition to this joyous occasion, more than twenty thousand items were distributed among the local people.


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