Muslim Ummah Needs to Stand Up for Palestinian Cause: Tanzeem-e-Islami Chief

Mon Dec 25 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Shujauddin Shaik, has said it was the time for Muslims all over the world to be united and stood up to support the Palestinian cause.

“This is our duty as a Muslim to attend the call from Masjid Al Aqsa and help the Palestinian Muslims morally, materially, and in all other possible ways,” stated Shujauddin Shaik, while addressing a seminar held at the Quaid-e-Azam Auditorium, Faisal Masjid, Islamabad.

He warned that the smoke arising from the fire at the Holy Land would be soon approaching the doorsteps of all and sundry. If the Muslim world fails to realize the gravity and intensity of the situation, the results might be disastrous not only for the Muslim Ummah but the entire world.

The event was part of Tanzeem-e-Islami’s 11-day campaign to harvest support for the Palestinian cause and express solidarity with the Palestinian brothers and sisters in their hard times who have stood up for the protection of Al Aqsa Mosque.

Speakers Share Views on the Palestinian Cause

Speaking on the occasion, Hamas spokesman Dr. Khalid Qadumi apprised the audiences of the bizarre and brazen atrocities by Israel in Palestine and the way the brave Palestinians and Hamas have been heroically resisting these vicious activities.

In his remarks, the Markazi Nazim Nashr o Ishaat of Tanzeem e Islami, Ayub Beg Mirza, said that the Israeli bombing has left over 200,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands more injured, with over six hundred thousand homeless during the last two and a half months. This grave violence has been committed by none other than the so-called champions of human rights – the US and its Western allies. He stressed the so-called champions of human rights to put an end to their brutal activities and give peace a chance in the holy land.

Sharing his view, senior journalist and anchorperson Hamid Mir said if half a million people can come out on the streets in London and hundreds of thousands of Jews in the US can make their voice heard in the corridors of US power, why can’t the Muslims of Pakistan gather at least a hundred thousand people to register their protest against the unabashed human rights violations in Palestine.

Well-known religious scholar Professor Dr Habiur Rahman Asim termed Pakistan as a big potential threat to Israel, as the latter is scared of the Islamic, nuclear Pakistan. This is why efforts are being made to unnecessarily engage Pakistan with Afghanistan and divert its attention from the Palestinian issue, he said

Another key speaker, Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Kashmiri, called upon Muslims around the globe with specific mention to the Pakistani Muslims to play their due part in this holy cause. He urged the Ulema to play their role from the Mehrab of the mosque, Journalists with their pen, and the common man with at least boycotting the products of companies supporting Israel.


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