NAB Files Three References Exposing Massive Wheat Stock Embezzlement

Fri Dec 22 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the anti-corruption watchdog has filed three references in the Accountability Court, Sukkur, during the year 2023, as part of its relentless efforts to combat the global issue of corruption.

NAB (Sukkur) has addressed region-specific corruption challenges and, in the pursuit of its duties, conducted thorough investigations into reported embezzlement of government wheat stock procured, maintained, and supplied by the Food Department, Government of Sindh. Raids on procurement and storage facilities were carried out under the supervision of magistrates during 2023.

After meticulous counting and reconciliation of the procured, supplied, and stored wheat stock, a significant shortage of 53,901.8 metric tons was uncovered. Adhering strictly to legal procedures, NAB (Sukkur) filed three references, with a cumulative amount involved in these references totaling Rs. 3,010.97 million.

NAB (Sukkur) remains committed to its efforts against those involved in corruption and corrupt practices, particularly within the Food Department (GoS). The watchdog emphasizes that tackling corruption in this sector is crucial for preventing hindrances to the growth and prosperity of the next generation.

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