NACTA Briefs MCMC Participants on Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Wed Nov 29 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The 38th Mid-Career Management Course (MCMC) visited the National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA) headquarters, where IGP Muhammad Tahir Rai HSt SI, the National Coordinator of NACTA, provided a comprehensive briefing on the security situation in Pakistan.

IGP Tahir Rai acknowledged the challenges faced in the security domain but highlighted the courageous efforts of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in combating this war. He emphasized that the entire nation stands united behind the LEAs with a strong commitment to eliminate terrorism and extremism from society.

Assuring the dismantling of terrorist organizations and the pursuit of justice against terrorists, he underlined the nation’s resolute determination.

NACTA has developed a holistic Counter Terrorism Strategy grounded in data and information. The organization collates and analyse data, providing actionable intelligence to LEAs for Intelligence-Based Operations (IBOs).

NACTA also engages in Threat Assessment, offering insights to implementing partners. The implementation of the National Action Plan is monitored and reviewed within NACTA.

IGP Tahir Rai expressed confidence that with these concerted efforts, terrorism will be eradicated in Pakistan on a sustainable basis. He asserted a firm stance against negotiating with terrorists, emphasizing a comprehensive defeat of terrorist elements. The ultimate goal is to establish complete and lasting peace throughout society, fostering prosperity through increased investment and development.

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