NADRA Representing Pakistan in TRUSTECH Exhibition in Paris

Wed Nov 29 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Lieutenant General Muhammad Munir Afsar, Chairman of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), is representing Pakistan at a 3-day exhibition of TRUSTECH 2023 being opened on Wednesday in Paris.

Sharing his views with the audience, Chairman NADRA highlighted the evolving role of NADRA since its establishment in 2000 and apprised about the accomplishments of the organization, inclusive of ID documents (national identity card, overseas card, etc.), e-governance (online visa, taxation system, e-passport, legal inheritance; etc.), financial systems (mobile/branch-less banking, remittances, pension disbursement, etc.), education and health (vaccination system, scholarship programs, etc.) and social protection (disaster relief programs, subsidy programs, etc.).

The Chairman further said that a number of countries took benefit from the highly advanced services of NADRA in their journey of digital transformation, adding that NADRA’s clients are able to make use of customized solutions together with complete transfer of technology.

Ambassador of Pakistan Visits TRUSTECH Exhibition

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Pakistan to France, Asim Iftikhar Ahmad, visited the pavilion of NADRA set up at the TRUSTECH exhibition, where he was briefed by the Chairman NADRA on the ‘solutions and services for digital transformation’ commenced by NADRA. The Ambassador praised the services being familiarized by NADRA, particularly its mobile app facility.

TRUSTECH is the annual meeting place for professionals in the Cards and Digital Trust technologies industries, attracting visitors from across the world. The 39th edition of the TRUSTECH exhibition in Paris has brought into the spotlight representatives from tech, smart card, and innovative payment industries, along with financial and governmental institutions. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for the exhibitors, sponsors, and startup entities to exchange views on their latest innovations and contributions.

During the three days, the exhibition would plan 70 conferences featuring more than 100 international experts with almost 200 exhibitors and 6,500 professionals from 92 different countries. It is expected that 80% of visitors will be attending the TRUSTECH exhibition with specific investment projects in mind.

The participation of NADRA while representing Pakistan in this exhibition would provide the organization with an excellent opportunity to hold key engagements with various stakeholders and would likely open new vistas for its growth and development in the future.


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