Netherlands Embassy Hosts Reception to Honor Dutch Hockey Team

Thu Feb 22 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Netherlands’ Ambassador to Pakistan, Henny de Vries, hosted a reception on Thursday to honor the Dutch hockey team, emphasizing the crucial role of sports diplomacy in nurturing international relations and building bridges between countries.

This historic tour holds significant cultural and sporting importance as the team from Oldenzaal in the Netherlands becomes the first hockey team to compete against a Pakistani team in over twenty-two years, as stated in a press release from the embassy.

Hockey holds special place

Ambassador Henny de Vries mentioned that hockey holds a special place in the hearts of both the Dutch and Pakistani people, and this visit is a testament to the power of sports in bridging cultures and fostering understanding.

She further stated that the matches played in Lahore, along with the upcoming game in Islamabad, have not only showcased the skill and ability of the players but have also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange and mutual appreciation.

The envoy expressed gratitude to the Khawaja Junaid Hockey Academy for extending the invitation to the club and to the Higher Education Commission for their invaluable support.”


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