Netherlands Providing Ukraine with F-16 Ammunition, Drones

Thu Mar 21 2024
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KYIV: Defense Minister of the Netherlands, Kajsa Ollongren on Wednesday announced that the Dutch government is providing F-16 fighter jet ammunition and advanced drones to Ukraine worth 350 million euros.

She was speaking to western media at the conclusion of a two-day visit to Ukraine, to show solidarity and announce the new assistance package.

According to a Dutch defense ministry press release Ollongren at the Ramstein group meeting of Ukraine’s allies, said 150 million euros will finance guided air-to-ground missiles that can be fired from F-16s fighter jets, while 200 million will be used to fund Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) drones.

The Netherlands has committed 2 billion euros in military assistance for Ukraine in 2024. A major share will go to finance drones and ammunition, which Kyiv has said are desperately required to end war losses against Russia.

The Netherlands, United States and Denmark, expected to dispatch the first of dozens of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine this summer after setting up a pilot training program and donating fighter aircrafts.

Ollongren while in Kyiv, said the Danish fighter jets would arrive first, followed by the first Dutch planes later in 2024.

She said that though Ukraine had many friends in Europe, it would be difficult to continuing without support of the US.

Dutch drone companies Avalor AI, Deltaquad and AEC Skyline discussed cooperation with the officials of Ukraine to enhance Kyiv’s production capabilities. The Dutch Defense Ministry said several industrial agreements were signed with Ukraine.

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