No Attacks on US Troops Since Israel-Hamas Truce Began, Says Pentagon

Wed Nov 29 2023
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WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has reported a cessation of near-daily attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria since the initiation of a truce between Israel and Hamas on November 23.

These attacks, numbering over 70 since mid-October.

The truce, facilitated by Qatar, initially began as a four-day ceasefire, marked by reciprocal actions—Hamas released hostages, and Israel freed Palestinian prisoners.

The conflict escalation was initially triggered on October 7 when Hamas executed a cross-border attack from Gaza, resulting in significant casualties. In response, Israel launched a forceful land and air campaign on Hamas-controlled Gaza where over 15000 have been martyred. The truce, which started on November 24, has been extended, with ongoing mediation efforts to establish a lasting cessation of hostilities in the seven-week Israel-Hamas war.

One notable impact of the truce is the pause in activities, including drone flights over Gaza by the United States, aimed at locating hostages seized by Hamas. The cessation of hostilities has brought a temporary halt to the attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria. The Pentagon confirmed that there have been no reported attacks since the operational pause began.

This development reflects the complex interplay between regional conflicts and their reverberations on US military operations, showcasing the interconnectedness of geopolitical events in the Middle East.

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