No Progress in Gaza Ceasefire Talks with Israel Despite Flexibility: Hamas

Thu Apr 04 2024
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BEIRUT: Hamas official Osama Hamdan said on Thursday there has been no progress in Gaza ceasefire talks despite the Palestinian resistance group showing flexibility.

Speaking at a press conference in Beirut, Hamdan accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of obstructing the negotiations, alleging that Netanyahu’s lack of interest in releasing Israeli hostages was impeding the negotiation process.

“The occupation government is still evading, and negotiations are stuck in a vicious circle,” Hamdan remarked.

Efforts led by Egypt and Qatar, with backing from the United States, have thus far failed to broker a ceasefire agreement between the conflicting parties. While Hamas advocate for an end to the Israeli military offensive as part of any ceasefire deal, Israel is reportedly pushing for a prisoners-for-hostages exchange but has refused to commit to halting its military campaign.

Meanwhile, the situation on the ground in Gaza remains dire, with Israeli bombardment continuing and targeting various areas within the Palestinian enclave. According to Gaza’s health ministry, 62 people have been killed in the past 24 hours alone due to the ongoing violence.

The Gaza health ministry reported staggering casualties, with over 33,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, killed and more than 75,000 injured since the launch of Israel’s military offensive on October 7.

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