North Korea Says It Conducted Nuclear-Capable Underwater Weapon Test

Sat Apr 08 2023
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SEOUL: North Korea has carried out an underwater strategic arm system test from April 4 to April 7, state media KCNA reported on Saturday.

According to media reports, North Korea tested a kind of a nuclear-capable underwater assault weapon called “Haeil-2”, following it unveiled a new underwater drone system planned to make sneak assaults in enemy waters.

North Korea-South Korea-US

The North Korea’s state news agency added that the new test perfectly proved the consistency of the underwater strategic arms system and its fatal attack capability,”

North Korea has ramped up its defense activities in recent weeks in a demonstration of force against the South Korea and the US that carried out joint military exercises.

It revealed smaller and new nuclear warheads and tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking anywhere in the US.

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