Norway Strengthens Security Cooperation with Ukraine As Russian Aggression Continue

Wed Apr 17 2024
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KYIV: Against the backdrop of escalating tensions in the Middle East, Norwegian Foreign Minister Barth Eide traveled to Kyiv this week to discuss enhanced security cooperation with Ukraine, reaffirming Norway’s steadfast support for the country amid ongoing Russian aggression.

During the visit, Minister Eide underscored Norway’s enduring commitment to Ukraine through long-term military, political, financial, and humanitarian assistance, extending solidarity in the face of Russia’s sustained attack over the past two years.

The bilateral agreement signed during the visit signals an intensified security policy cooperation between Norway and Ukraine, reflecting a clear political commitment to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities and deter future Russian aggression.

Minister Eide emphasized the critical importance of supporting Ukraine in its efforts to defend against and deter Russian aggression, highlighting the imperative of collective security measures.

Similar bilateral agreements aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s democracy, rule of law, governance, and human rights were initiated by G7 countries during the NATO Summit in Vilnius in 2023, fostering integration into the Euro-Atlantic security community.

Acknowledging the significance of ongoing support, Minister Eide conveyed Norway’s intention to expand assistance to Ukraine, recognizing the imperative of collective efforts to uphold security and stability in the region.

In early 2023, Norway’s Storting (Parliament) unanimously approved the establishment of the Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine, allocating substantial financial aid totaling NOK 75 billion over five years, with a significant portion dedicated to military assistance.

Last year alone, Norway provided substantial aid amounting to NOK 19.9 billion to Ukraine, with a noteworthy allocation of NOK 11 billion toward military support, underscoring Norway’s commitment to reinforcing Ukraine’s resilience amid ongoing geopolitical challenges.



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