OIC Chief Calls on Member States to Lead Halal Sector Growth

Sun Nov 26 2023
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JEDDAH: Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Hissein Brahim Taha, has urged the OIC member states to take a leading role in the development of the Halal sector. The message was conveyed during the Opening Session of the OIC Halal Expo 2023 and the 9th World Halal Summit in Istanbul, Turkiye. Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs, read out the Secretary-General’s message.

Acknowledging the substantial growth of the global halal market in recent years, reaching a market value of US$ 4.7 trillion in 2020, the Secretary-General emphasized the ongoing rise in demand for halal-certified products.

He highlighted the potential of the Halal industry to contribute to the growth of national economies and the creation of employment opportunities in OIC member states. He stressed the importance of collective efforts and synchronization among member countries to propel the development of the Halal industry.

OIC Halal Expo 2023 and 9th World Halal Summit

The OIC Halal Expo 2023 and the 9th World Halal Summit, held in Istanbul from November 23 to 26, serve as an international platform for showcasing products and services compliant with Halal regulations under Islamic law.

This annual trade fair attracts experts, traders, and entrepreneurs from both OIC and non-OIC countries, offering a comprehensive display of Halal-certified goods, ranging from food production to cosmetics, fashion, financial services, and educational institutions.

A key feature of the event includes conferences where industry experts discuss the latest trends and exchange knowledge on various aspects of the Halal industry. The Expo and Summit aim to foster collaboration, promote innovation, and enhance understanding within the global Halal community.



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