One-Day Drama Festival Held at Sargodha Arts Council

Mon Mar 04 2024
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SARGODHA: The Sargodha Arts Council (SAC) Cultural Complex buzzed with excitement as it hosted a one-day drama festival, drawing a sizable audience from the city eager to witness the diverse array of theatrical performances presented by various arts societies.

In collaboration with the Punjab Council of Arts, the festival showcased an impressive lineup of plays, with the drama “Gumaan” presented by Chaj Forum clinching the top spot at the Punjab Drama Festival held on the premises.

Following closely behind, Anjum Arts Society’s production “Laado” secured the second position, while a team from Khushab earned the third spot, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of artistic excellence.

The distinguished panel of judges for the event included Director of Arts Council Asad Ahmad Malik, celebrated writer and director Mehr Asif Hanif, Jehanzeb Qamar, and artist Inam Khan, whose discerning eyes assessed each performance with keen scrutiny.

The winning drama, “Gumaan,” credited its success to the creative prowess of writer Maliha Naveen and director Bilal Manzoor. The talented cast included Qasim Ali Hanif Zia, Farukh Nomi, Komal Raja, Saba Ahmad, Dil Awaiz, Nadeem Kamboh, Aslam Prince, Asghar Chatta, Zahid Gul, Zahid Qureshi, Arsalan, Arshad Qureshi, Saleem Khan, and Ashraf Qureshi, whose stellar performances captivated the audience and earned critical acclaim.

The festival not only served as a platform for showcasing artistic talent but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie among participants and spectators alike, reaffirming the significance of cultural events in promoting creativity and community engagement.








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