One Killed in Bomb Explosion Claimed by IS in Kabul

Sun Apr 21 2024
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KABUL: One person was killed, and three others injured by a bomb explosion in Kabul on Saturday evening, Afghan police said, with the Islamic State group claiming responsibility for the sticky bomb attack.

The attack, executed through a sticky bomb, occurred in the Kot-e-Sangi neighborhood, situated near an enclave of Shiite Hazara community.

Kabul police spokesperson Khalid Zadran revealed that the improvised explosive device (IED) was planted on a minibus, resulting in the tragic loss of the vehicle’s driver and inflicting injuries on three civilians.

The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack via its Telegram channel. The militant organization alleged that the minibus, carrying members of the Hazara community, was targeted as it passed through a Taliban checkpoint. IS further claimed that the attack resulted in the destruction of the vehicle and caused the death and injury of about 10 persons.

While the number of bombings and suicide attacks in Afghanistan has significantly decreased since the Taliban regained power in August 2021, various armed groups, including IS, continue to pose a threat to the country’s stability and security. Despite the Taliban’s declaration of an end to their insurgency, sporadic incidents of violence persist, highlighting the enduring challenges faced by Afghan authorities in maintaining peace and order.


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