Ongoing Police Operation Nets 24 Illegal Afghans in Peshawar

Sun Nov 19 2023
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PESHAWAR: In a continuing crackdown on foreigners residing in urban and suburban areas, the Peshawar Police have intensified their efforts, resulting in the arrest of 24 illegal Afghan nationals. The operation targeted various police jurisdictions, leading to significant developments.

Within the jurisdiction of Bhan Mari Police Station, four Afghan individuals were apprehended. Simultaneously, 13 families chose to vacate the area voluntarily. The vigilance extended to Yeka Tut Police jurisdiction, where three individuals were detained, and one illegal family was identified.

Moreover, Kabli police station saw the transfer of 17 individuals to the Peshawar transit point as part of the ongoing efforts to address the issue of illegal residence. These actions underscore the commitment of law enforcement agencies to maintain order and security by addressing the presence of foreigners without proper legal documentation.

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