Ongoing Repatriation Efforts: Hundreds of Foreigners Sent Back to Afghanistan from KPK

Sun Nov 19 2023
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PESHAWAR: The process of repatriating illegally staying foreigners from various parts of the country, particularly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), is actively underway, as per officials from the KP home and tribal affairs department. In the latest update, 472 foreign families were repatriated to Afghanistan, comprising 901 men, 541 women, and 925 children. This adds to the comprehensive data provided by the KP Home Department, indicating that a significant number, totaling 2,21441 individuals, have returned to Afghanistan through the Torkham border.

Additionally, repatriation efforts from other border points are contributing to the overall figures. For instance, 3,289 foreigners have been sent back home from Angor Ada, while another 419 foreign nationals have been transferred from the Khar Lachi border. The cumulative total of individuals repatriated to their homeland since September 17 stands at 2,25,149 people.

Specifically focusing on Torkham border activities, 592 illegal foreigners were deported, bringing the total number of repatriated Afghans to 3,855 individuals. The ongoing efforts emphasize the commitment to address the issue of illegal residence, with KP alone repatriating 3,009 illegal Afghans. These collective actions aim to manage the presence of foreigners without valid legal status, contributing to national security and regulatory measures.

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