Operation Marg Bar Sarmachar: Pakistan Strikes Terrorist Hideouts in Iran

Thu Jan 18 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan launched a series of precision military strikes against terrorist hideouts in Iran’s Sistan-o-Baluchistan province. Code-named ‘Marg Bar Sarmachar,’ the Intelligence-based operation targeted terrorists responsible for heinous attacks on innocent Pakistanis. Despite persistent engagement with Iran over several years, concerns about safe havens for Pakistani origin terrorists remained unaddressed, leading to the codenamed operation.

Pakistan, having shared multiple dossiers with concrete evidence of terrorists’ presence and activities, took action based on credible intelligence indicating impending large-scale terrorist activities by these groups. The operation showcases Pakistan’s unyielding commitment to protecting its national security against all threats. The successful execution underscores the professionalism of the Pakistan Armed Forces, highlighting the country’s determination to preserve the safety and security of its people.

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Emphasizing respect for Iran’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Pakistan clarified that the operation’s sole objective was to address its own security and national interest, prioritizing the safety of its citizens. As a responsible member of the international community, Pakistan upholds UN Charter principles, including the sovereignty of member states. Pakistan asserts its legitimate rights within international law and vows never to allow challenges to its sovereignty under any pretext.

While acknowledging Iran as a brotherly country with a shared history, Pakistan reiterates its commitment to dialogue and cooperation in addressing common challenges, especially combating terrorism. The operation was a necessary step in the pursuit of Pakistan’s security, demonstrating the nation’s determination to confront threats to its people.

In response, the Balochistan Liberation Front’s spokesperson, Major Gwahram Baloch, declared war on Pakistan, issuing a clear threat of retaliation. Despite these challenges, Pakistan stands firm in its resolve to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, sending a powerful message about its commitment to national security.

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