Pak-Qatar Sign Agreements to Enhance Employment Opportunities

Wed Mar 13 2024
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ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan and Qatar have signed a series of agreements and letters of Intent(LOIs) with top Qatari companies the main purpose of this initiative was to significantly enhance employment prospects for the Pakistani workforce in Qatar.

According to an official source speaking to APP, the signing of these agreements with esteemed Qatari firms, including Qatari Diyar-Saudi Bin Laden Group Construction (QD-SBG), Hamad Bin Khaled Contracting Company W.L.L (HBK), Ali Bin Ali Holding W.L.L, Sheikh Jabor Bin Mansour Bin Jabor Bin Jassim Al Thani (JMJ) Holding, Tabeeb Care Medical Services, and Al Rawnaq International Commercial Projects, represents a pivotal step in bolstering bilateral relations between Pakistan and Qatar in the realm of human resource development.

Additionally, during the visit, the Pakistani delegation held significant discussions with Mr. Hamad Saleh Al Qamra, Chairman of Al Qamra Holding, with a focus on recruiting Pakistani manpower for various projects within the company.

The visit also encompassed a tour of the View Hospital, a constituent of Elegancia Health Care, where the recruitment of Pakistani health professionals is currently underway following a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Elegancia Health Care and the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) of Pakistan.

The goal of these initiatives is to create expanded employment opportunities for Pakistani workers in Qatar. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Malik underscored Pakistan’s potential as a major exporter of manpower and elucidated the government’s endeavours to streamline this process through reputable recruitment agencies, skill enhancement programs, and catering to the needs of foreign employers.

CEOs of the Qatari companies expressed satisfaction with the Pakistani workforce and their readiness to augment Pakistani manpower in their companies while adhering to Qatar’s governmental regulations. The meetings also highlighted the escalating demand for skilled labour across sectors such as services, maintenance, hospitality, and construction, in line with Qatar’s substantial infrastructural development.

These deliberations and agreements signify a significant advancement in amplifying the presence of the Pakistani workforce in Qatar, paving the way for mutual economic advancement and fortified bilateral relations.   —APP


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