Pakistan and Iran Pledge to Enhance Military Ties Through Mutual Cooperation

Wed Apr 05 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, met with the Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu, in Islamabad on Monday.

The two leaders discussed areas of mutual interest and regional developments, with a focus on military-to-military cooperation and training.

During the meeting, Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu shared Pakistan Air Force’s modernization plan, which includes acquiring smart technologies from allied countries, upgrading infrastructure, and revamping training.

He reiterated his commitment to enhancing bilateral ties between Pakistan and Iran in military and training domains and underscored the importance of their strong diplomatic, economic, and defense relationship based on convergence on important issues relating to regional peace, security, and stability.

The Iranian Ambassador praised the exceptional progress made by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) through indigenization and expressed his admiration for the professionalism of PAF personnel.

Military cooperation between Pakistan and Iran

The Ambassador pledged to play his role in further improving the existing bilateral military relations in various fields of training, emerging technologies, and mutual cooperation in the aviation sector.

The meeting between the Chief of the Air Staff and the Iranian Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran reflects the deep-rooted friendship and unwavering commitment between the two countries to work towards a peaceful and stable region.

Both Pakistan and Iran have pledged to enhance their military ties through mutual cooperation, which is expected to strengthen their regional security and stability.

The meeting is part of Pakistan Air Force’s efforts to forge strong partnerships with regional and international militaries to bolster its capabilities and promote peace and security in the region.

The meeting also highlights the importance of regional cooperation and diplomacy in addressing common challenges and achieving common goals.

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