Pakistan Celebrates Sufi Singer Abida Parveen’s 70th Birth Anniversary

Tue Feb 20 2024
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HYDERABAD: The 70th birth anniversary of the renowned Sufi singer Abida Parveen was celebrated here on Tuesday, marking a tribute to one of the most illustrious voices of the subcontinent.

Born on February 20th, 1954, in Larkana, Abida Parveen inherited her musical talents from her father, Ustad Ghulam Hyder, a revered singer and music teacher who imparted invaluable training to her.

Abida’s musical journey began in the early 1970s, initially performing at local festivals. However, it was in the early 1990s that she rose to prominence as the foremost Sufi singer, captivating audiences with her enchanting voice and profound spiritual depth.

Her remarkable contributions to music have garnered widespread acclaim, earning her accolades such as the Pride of Performance Award (1984), Sitara-e-Imtiaz Award (2005), and Hilal-e-Imtiaz Award (2012), among numerous others, embellishing her illustrious career.

On this significant occasion, we extend our heartfelt wishes to this legendary singer, whose artistry continues to inspire and uplift souls around the world.

In parallel, various cultural societies arranged programs paying homage to the great singer, with Radio Pakistan Hyderabad also broadcasting a special program titled ‘Sindh Surhan’.

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