Pakistan-China Joint Air Drill to Contribute to Regional Peace, Stability: Experts

Wed Aug 30 2023
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BEIJING: In a first since Pakistan inducted Chinese-manufactured J-10CE fighter jets into its air force, the two nations started joint air drills with experts saying that the exercise will further enhance exchanges and cooperation between the two militaries and contribute to regional peace and stability.

A Chinese military aviation expert, Fu Qianshao, while talking to a Chinese daily, said that after more than a year’s independent practice and use, the Pakistani pilots should have already learned and developed skills and tactics on the J-10CEs, and their first joint drill with China using the jets will benefit both nation’ pilots when they exchange experiences.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) operates the J-10CE as its main combat force, while the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force also uses a large fleet of J-10C fighter planes, he said.

Pakistan-China’s Interoperability of Jets

Fu added that the exercise could boost the two countries’ interoperability under information systems of modern warfare.

The Shaheen-X joint air drill started on Monday in Chinese territory as part of efforts to further bolster training and coordination between the two militaries and strengthen their exchange and cooperation on military technology.

China’s Ministry of National Defense said in a statement last week that the drill would run until mid-September in Jiuquan, Northwest China’s Gansu Province and Yinchuan, Northwest  Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China.

The two militaries will send fighters, early warning jets and several other types of aircraft, as well as ground forces like ground-to-air missiles and radar and signal forces, to participate in the drill. The naval aviation units of China will also be involved in the training.

The drill marks the first time J-10CE fighter aircraft have participated in the Pakistan-China Shaheen series air exercise since the Chinese-made jets were inducted into the PAF in March 2022, as the Shaheen-IX was arranged in December 2020.

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