Pakistan Coach Expresses Confidence in Top-Order Batting Ahead of Sri Lanka Clash

Mon Oct 09 2023
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HYDERABAD: Pakistan’s head coach Grant Bradburn has voiced his confidence in the team’s top-order batting as the Green Shirts prepare to face Sri Lanka in the ICC World Cup on Tuesday. Despite recent struggles in the power play, Bradburn emphasized the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and praised their focus on critiquing performances, even in victories.

During a press conference in Hyderabad leading up to the match against Sri Lanka, Bradburn acknowledged the challenges faced by Pakistan’s top-order batsmen in the power play. However, he expressed unwavering faith in the players’ abilities and stressed the team’s determination to find the right formula for consistent wins.

“We have got full faith in our top order batting. They will click at some stage. And we were open and honest to say that we were not getting what we would like out of the Powerplay as yet,” Bradburn stated.

He further emphasized the team’s focus on creating a strong tempo for the middle and end phases of their innings. Bradburn mentioned the ongoing discussions within the team regarding batting strategies and combinations but reiterated their confidence in the available options.

“We are not getting that at the moment, so those are discussions that we are having, but we have got full faith in all of our options at the top,” he affirmed.

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Pakistan Team’s Preparation for Sri Lanka Clash

Bradburn highlighted Hasan Ali’s multi-faceted contributions to the team, praising his skills in batting, bowling, and fielding, and commended his positive attitude in the dressing room.

Discussing Pakistan’s preparation for the game against Sri Lanka, Bradburn noted the familiarity with Sri Lankan players due to past encounters. He also acknowledged the challenges posed by the Indian conditions, emphasizing the importance of scouting and research to understand pitch conditions better.

Regarding the decision not to announce the playing XI in advance, Bradburn emphasized Pakistan’s desire to showcase their versatility and ability to win matches using various combinations.

“We want to be showing that we can win games of cricket in multiple ways,” Bradburn concluded, highlighting the team’s adaptability and strategic approach as they prepare for the crucial clash against Sri Lanka.


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