Pakistan: FIA Arrests Three Human Smugglers

Fri Dec 15 2023
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LAHORE: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) apprehended three individuals from various parts of the city who were involved in human smuggling and visa fraud.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Circle, led by Deputy Director Riaz Khan, initiated a targeted operation against human smugglers, resulting in the arrest of three suspects: Umar Shahbaz, a previous absconder; Mehak Babar; and Ahsan Elahi.

The accused were duping individuals by offering false promises of overseas employment, subsequently extorting significant sums of money from them. Umar Shahbaz, the absconder, managed to extract Rs 272,000 from a citizen with the assurance of facilitating travel to Dubai.

Mehak Babar, the female suspect, had defrauded numerous people across different cities, falsely guaranteeing them opportunities to relocate to Canada. She was already facing charges in three separate cases.

Ahsan Elahi, another apprehended suspect, was involved in fabricating bank statements to secure a visa from the Turkish embassy. His arrest came in response to a complaint filed by the embassy. After recognizing the severity of the issue, Deputy Director Riaz Khan formed a specialized squad within the Anti-Human Trafficking Circle Lahore to target and apprehend individuals involved in human smuggling.



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