Gold Rates in Pakistan Decline

Thu Nov 30 2023
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KARACHI: Gold prices in Pakistan demonstrated a decline in Thursday’s market report, with 24-karat gold slipping to Rs216,000 per tola and the 22-karat variant priced at Rs197,083 per tola.

Even in smaller quantities, the allure of these rates remained, showcasing 10 grams of 24-karat gold at Rs185,185 and 22-karat gold at Rs169,753.

These price fluctuations are intricately linked to shifts in the value of the US Dollar, highlighting the interconnectedness between currency values and gold prices. Globally, gold prices have witnessed a decrease, currently resting at $2,042 per ounce.

It’s worth noting that gold prices in Pakistan can undergo significant changes within the day, influenced by global market trends. The provided rates are obtained from reputable sources primarily located in Karachi and Multan. For the most recent and precise gold rates, consulting local gold merchants and jewellers is advisable.

Remaining abreast of the dynamic nature of gold prices in Pakistan is vital for individuals tracking market movements.


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