Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan Agree to Strengthen Trade Ties

Tue Nov 14 2023
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BISHKEK: The 4th Session of the Kyrgyz-Pakistan Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade-Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperation, held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The meeting held on November 10 marked a significant step in strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations.

Led by Mr. Muhammad Ali, the Federal Minister for Energy (Power Division) of Pakistan, the Pakistani delegation included senior officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Energy (Power Division).

Co-chaired by the Minister for Energy (Power Division) of Pakistan and Baisalov Edil Zholdubaevich, the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, the session addressed key areas of cooperation.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Chairman Baisalov warmly welcomed the Pakistani delegation, emphasizing the session’s importance in enhancing the bilateral relationship. He highlighted Kyrgyzstan’s interest in leveraging Pakistani seaports, Karachi and Gwadar, as strategic gateways to the open sea, providing the shortest access to Central Asian countries and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Baisalov also underscored growing collaboration in culture and humanitarian efforts, including the development of joint training centers in fields such as medicine, distance learning, law, and finance.

Pakistan Kyrgyzstan Agree to Strengthen Trade Ties 2

Minister Muhammad Ali echoed the sentiments of historical and cultural bonds shared by the two nations, emphasizing the pivotal role of the 4th session in establishing a robust economic foundation and fostering mutual cooperation. He expressed Pakistan’s readiness for an active dialogue and practical actions to deepen bilateral cooperation, particularly in the energy sector.

Kyrgyzstan-Pakistan Propose Action Plan for Trade Growth

Emphasizing the importance of the CASA-1000 regional project, the Minister highlighted the commitment from both sides to its timely completion. The surge in trade from US$ 1.14 million in January 2017 to US$ 11.23 million was noted, with a call for a robust Plan of Action to address trade barriers. Ongoing talks for the Transit Trade Agreement and the year-round accessibility of the Karakoram Highway were identified as opportunities to fortify bilateral economic ties.

The Minister advocated for a bilateral E-Commerce platform, recognizing Kyrgyzstan’s role as a logistics and e-commerce hub. He highlighted the significant presence of Pakistani students and tourists in the Kyrgyz Republic, illustrating a shared affinity for culture, heritage, and landscapes. Additionally, the Minister acknowledged the importance of the agriculture sector, calling for collaboration in research, value addition, food processing, and joint ventures.

The meeting saw discussions on enhancing regional connectivity between Central Asia and South Asia, focusing on advancing rail, road, and air links and fostering increased people-to-people engagement. These collaborative efforts aim to promote enduring stability, peace, and prosperity in the region.



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