Pakistan Observes AQ Khan’s First Death Anniversary

Mon Oct 10 2022
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Islamabad: On Monday, October 10 2022, Pakistan observed the first death anniversary of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, a nuclear physicist and father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb. Along with his team, Dr AQ Khan, a nuclear physicist and metallurgist, was instrumental in the creation of Pakistan’s atomic weapon by overseeing the most difficult tasks, such as uranium enrichment.

By exploding in the mountains of Baluchistan’s Chagai area on May 28, 1998, Pakistan became a nuclear power due to the efforts and hardworking of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

On Twitter many users paid tribute to the great scientist.

One such post was:


Abdul Qadeer Khan, revered as the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program was lauded in Pakistan for transforming it into the world’s first Islamic nuclear weapons power. He will remain our Hero for ever. May his soul rest in peace (Ameen).

#AQKhan #DeathAnniversary #RIP

Even though Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan had a number of illnesses, but his condition worsened once he got the coronavirus, which is what medical professionals believe killed him. In 2021, he died in Islamabad at the age of 85. Before being interred at the H-8 cemetery, he received a state funeral at the Faisal Mosque.

He was admitted to a nearby hospital, where, according to Radio Pakistan, his condition deteriorated early the next morning on Monday October 10, 2022. According to PTV, he passed away after being admitted to the hospital with lung issues.

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