Pakistan Sends Eighth Tranche of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Sun Apr 21 2024
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ISLAMABAD: In solidarity with the Palestinian people, Pakistan has dispatched its eighth tranche of humanitarian aid to Gaza to alleviating the suffering of those affected by the ongoing conflict. The shipment, comprising 400 tonnes of essential supplies including winterized tents, tarpaulins, blankets, medicines, and food provisions, sets sail for Gaza through sea route.

Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar emphasized the significance of Pakistan’s unwavering support, stating that the aid would help address the urgent humanitarian needs of the Gazan populace. The consignment will be received by the Pakistani Ambassador to Egypt at Port Said, from where it will be handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent for distribution to the affected communities in Gaza.

“The shipment will be received by the Pakistani Ambassador at Port Said, Egypt and handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent for onward delivery to the people of Gaza. Pakistan remains committed to addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of our brothers and sisters in Gaza,” Ishaq Dar posted on X.

Since the eruption of hostilities on October 7, 2023, Pakistan has consistently condemned the Israeli atrocities and extended humanitarian assistance to Gaza. Expressing dismay over the recent veto by the United States on a draft resolution seeking Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations, Pakistan reiterated its support for the Palestinian cause.

In a statement, the Foreign Office spokesperson, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, lamented the failure of the UN Security Council to reach a consensus on Palestine’s membership bid. She underscored Pakistan’s deep disappointment with the US decision to veto the resolution, which enjoyed broad international support.

The Security Council’s rejection of Palestine’s bid came amidst overwhelming backing from member states, with 12 votes in favor of the resolution. However, the US exercised its veto power, thwarting the proposal despite widespread endorsement.

Baloch emphasized that Pakistan believes the time is ripe for Palestine’s admission to the UN, viewing it as a crucial step towards rectifying the historical injustices endured by the Palestinian people. She reiterated the call for a sovereign Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital, asserting the inherent right of Palestinians to self-determination.


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