Pakistan to Modernize State Media with Latest Technology: Information Minister

Sat Dec 09 2023
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QUETTA: Pakistan’s Information Minister Murtaza Solangi on Saturday pledged to enhance the capabilities of state media by providing it with the latest technology and digital tools.

Solangi, leading the caretaker government with an open media policy, emphasized that state media, under the clear directives of the caretaker setup, enjoys the freedom to report independently.

During his visit to the Associated Press of Pakistan Quetta Bureau, he conveyed the government’s commitment to fulfilling constitutional responsibilities, ensuring transparent, peaceful, and free elections in the country.

While addressing the constitutional scope of the caretaker government, Solangi mentioned its readiness to tackle issues essential for the smooth operation of the country’s affairs. He reiterated the government’s determination to institute lasting reforms in state institutions, emphasizing ongoing efforts to overhaul public institutions.

Aligning State Media with Global Standards

As part of this initiative, Solangi outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at aligning state media, including the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), with international media standards. The minister underlined the commitment to enhance the capacity building of employees within the Information Ministry and its affiliated departments. Through measures like capacity building and refresher courses, Solangi expressed confidence in improving the overall performance of the ministry’s workforce.

During the visit, the Bureau Chief of APP Quetta, Nazar Muhammad Jamali, provided the minister with a detailed briefing on the operations of the esteemed news agency, showcasing its vital role in disseminating news and information.

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