Pakistan Ulema Council Chief, Turkish Minister Demand Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

Mon Oct 16 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi met with the President of Religious Affairs in Turkey Dr. Ali Erbas.

During the meeting, they strongly denounced the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestinian territories, particularly in Gaza, and called upon the United Nations and the international community to take decisive action to immediately halt the brutal bombardment, as per an official statement.

They underlined that Israel’s actions represent egregious war crimes, resulting in inhumane atrocities inflicted on the people of Gaza, including attacks on schools, hospitals, and humanitarian relief teams.

Furthermore, both leaders emphasized the importance of resolving the Palestinian issue in accordance with United Nations resolutions and advocated for the restoration of the pre-1967 status of Palestine.

Expressing deep concern for the dire situation in Gaza, particularly the scarcity of essential supplies such as food and water due to Israel’s blockade, they highlighted that this situation constitutes a blatant violation of international agreements and United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Muslim Leaders Unite to Address Challenges in Gaza, Kashmir

Ashrafi and Erbas called for an immediate cessation of the Gaza bombardment and an end to the unjust blockade, allowing international aid to reach those affected.

The leaders reiterated that the issues of Palestine and Kashmir have long been the concerns of the Muslim Ummah, and they stressed the need for their resolution in line with United Nations resolutions. They also condemned the violence and oppressive occupation in Kashmir by India and in Palestine by Israel.

Acknowledging the resilience and sacrifices of the Kashmiris and Palestinians in their struggle for freedom, they called for enhanced cooperation between the Pakistan Ulema Council and the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs to collectively address the challenges facing the Muslim Ummah and work towards their resolution.

Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi expressed gratitude to the Turkish government for its unwavering stance against Israeli aggression and timely condemnation of recent hostilities.

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