Pakistani Actress Ayeza Khan Narrowly Escapes Fire Mishap During Drama Shoot

Tue Dec 26 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Renowned Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan faced a dangerous situation while filming a scene for an upcoming drama, narrowly escaping a potential disaster on set. The incident occurred during a shoot with her co-star Hamza Ali Abbasi, adding an unexpected twist to what was supposed to be a routine scene.

The incident was shared by Ayeza herself on her Instagram account, where she expressed her gratitude to Allah Almighty for safeguarding her during the daily challenges of shooting. In a video shared on the platform, the “Chupke Chupke” star can be seen quickly reacting to a shawl catching fire on set.

Ayeza accidentally stepped on the flames, prompting a quick response from someone behind the camera who urgently shouted her name. In a moment of reflex, she avoided any untoward incident by throwing the burning shawl away.

Ayeza Khan Sheds Light on Unpredictability of Actors

In a heartfelt caption accompanying the video, the “Pyarey Afzal” star shed light on the unpredictability of being an actor. She stated, “It’s not easy being an actor. When the director says ‘Action,’ we forget what’s going to happen next and just give our best performance. Sometimes unexpected things happen on set that the onscreen audience doesn’t get to see.”

Expressing gratitude for divine protection, Ayeza emphasized, “But Allah is protecting us, and I can’t thank Allah enough for having His protection over me every single day.” She also acknowledged the support and love received from fans, stating, “Thank you, everyone, for always supporting and loving us (actors) unconditionally. This is exactly what makes us push harder in our career and go forward to give the best we possibly can.”

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