Pakistani Group Training Afghan Doctors to Address Healthcare Issues in Afghanistan

Tue Nov 21 2023
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ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani medical group, supported by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), is spearheading an initiative to provide online training for Afghan doctors in Karachi. This program, aimed at addressing the shortage of medical specialists in Afghanistan, particularly focusing on women’s healthcare, reflects Pakistan’s commitment to supporting Afghan citizens and contributing to the improvement of healthcare capabilities in Afghanistan.

The initiative involves the training of 1,000 Afghan doctors, with a particular emphasis on women, who make up 80% of the participants. The training is being conducted in six provinces of Afghanistan and is expected to significantly contribute to the development of medical expertise in the country.

The online training, facilitated by a Pakistani firm, is provided free of charge and has been specially developed by the German organization Lecturio in Pashto and Dari languages. This approach not only addresses the shortage of doctors, particularly female doctors, in Afghanistan but also aligns with modern technology trends to make education accessible and inclusive.

Pakistan Aims to Strengthen Afghanistan’s Healthcare System

The connection between Afghani and Pakistani doctors through telemedicine is anticipated to strengthen Afghanistan’s healthcare system. By providing training in women’s healthcare, the initiative aims to empower Afghan women and improve the overall health infrastructure in the country.

Furthermore, the online training initiative has the potential to reduce the number of Afghans traveling to Pakistan for medical reasons, thereby alleviating strain on healthcare facilities in Pakistan and will also quell Islamabad’s security concerns. Additionally, by focusing on healthcare, Pakistan seeks to foster positive relations with its Afghan neighbors.

In leveraging technology to provide online training, Pakistan is not only facilitating the growth of medical expertise but also strengthening ties between the two nations. This thoughtful initiative underscores Pakistan’s dedication to fostering a healthier and more skilled future for its Afghan neighbors.

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