Pakistani Researcher Achieves landmark in AI Era

Sat Mar 30 2024
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BEIJING: A Pakistani researcher has achieved landmark in the field of Artificial Intelligence as Dr. Ali Imran and Prof. Xu Mingsheng have invented a Neuromorphic Vision sensor at Zhejiang University, China in collaboration with scientists from the US, Japan and South Korea.

Their instrument can be used to drive vision sensors for performing neuromorphic functions such as learning, sensing, decision-making and memorizing at the single-sensor level. So, the sensing, processing, and data storage can be combined within a single instrument instead of different devices.

China-Pakistan Friendship

The new instrument can be easily fabricated at large scale including the industrial scale. It said that the new instrument structure is reliable when operated correctly and can be used for longer time.

Talking to media, Dr. Ali said that he will make more efforts to promote China-Pakistan friendship, not only in culture but also in the future of advanced and latest technology. He expressed his wish for more collaboration and coordination between Pakistani and Chinese educational institutions.

He said that a paradigm shift in Pakistani universities’ research towards resolving industry problems can help to address economic issues. Moreover, he warmly welcomed young Pakistani researchers to China to pursue their dreams of carrying out top-level research.

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