Pakistan’s Cultural Diversity a Source of Strength for Federation: PM

Tue Dec 19 2023
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QUETTA: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Tuesday said that Pakistan, as a federation, drew its strength from a diverse array of cultures, traditions and languages with every ethnicity having a unique binding element.

“Pakistan is not about monotony or single culture, but a blend of cultural identities that strongly hold and integrate one another,” PM said at the launch of a Pakistan Television’s programming in Hazargi language.

PM Kakar said like other provinces, Balochistan comprises a vibrant tapestry of ethnicities and tribes with their cultures and values imbibed with Baloch values.

PM Kakar commended the Hazara community in Balochistan, recognizing their significant contributions to the development of Quetta and the province as a whole. He acknowledged prominent Hazara figures, such as former Governor General (retd) Muhammad Musa, Sardar Sadaat, and Brigadier Khadim Hussain, for their respected roles and integrity.

Expressing admiration for the resilience of the Hazara community in the face of terrorism, which affected all segments of the country, PM Kakar voiced determination to unite the nation against divisive elements.

PM Kakar expressed confidence that the talented Hazara community would use the platform to showcase their beautiful culture, contributing as a significant aspect of the country’s diversity. He recognized PTV as a historic asset that binds the nation through its exceptional programs and assured continued government support for its development.

Information Minister Murtaza Solangi highlighted the Prime Minister’s interest in the Hazargi language program, considering it close to his heart. PTV Bolan is now broadcasting in 23 rebroadcast centres, ensuring equal representation for all regional languages on a round-the-clock basis.

In a separate event, addressing the inauguration of the Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Programme, PM Kakar emphasized the importance of equipping the youth with the latest knowledge in the age of technology and artificial intelligence.

PM Kakar highlighted that providing skills to an individual goes beyond benefiting only that person; it extends to their families and future generations. He stressed the urgency of initiatives for social development that contribute to the overall upliftment of the people.   —APP



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