Pakistan’s Electoral Body Affirms Smooth Operations for General Elections 2024

Wed Dec 27 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has reassured the public of seamless operations for the upcoming general elections in 2024, asserting that all operational and IT systems are functioning satisfactorily.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the ECP highlighted the successful development and testing of an automated and modern Election Management System (EMS) aimed at transforming and compiling election results efficiently.

The EMS, tested multiple times, will facilitate Returning Officers (ROs) and ensure the secure transmission and tabulation of poll results. The commission rejected concerns, emphasizing that the EMS poses no risks during the electoral process.

The ECP clarified that no internet connection would be required for result tabulation. The ECP is committed to providing fiber optic facilities and Wi-Fi devices for ROs, ensuring a robust election process.

Preparations for General Elections 2024

The ECP’s statement comes amid preparations for the general elections 2024, with the scrutiny phase underway. Returning Officers are scrutinizing the vast number of nomination papers filed, and the process will continue until December 30.

Candidates can challenge decisions until January 3, with appellate tribunal decisions expected by January 10. The election data reveals a record number of candidates, with 28,626 submissions for both national and provincial assemblies, surpassing the figures from the 2018 general elections.

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