Pakistan’s PM Aide Demands World Action Against Israel Deliberately Targeting Civilians

Thu Nov 16 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Prime Minister special representative on Inter-Religious Harmony Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi said on Thursday that the ongoing situation in Palestine stands as the world’s most urgent issue.

During a press conference, Ashrafi underlined the unwavering stance of the Pakistani Government, emphasizing the imperative need for Palestinians to receive justice.

He brought attention to the distressing conditions at Al-Shifa Hospital, where even newborns are not spared, and said that the conflict transcends religious boundaries.

Ashrafi highlighted the active engagement of the Pakistani government, with the Army Chief pledging full support to the Palestinian ambassador.

He noted that the United Nations has called for an investigation into the crimes, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has demanded an immediate ceasefire, aid provision, establishment of a sovereign state, and an inquiry into Israeli actions.

Addressing concerns about the OIC’s efficacy, Ashrafi acknowledged positive progress but stressed the need for more robust measures against Israel. While recognizing that some Islamic countries maintain relations with Israel, he noted a growing global shift away from supporting Israeli actions.

As Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council, Ashrafi commended Pakistan’s unique position as the only Islamic country whose Army Chief has assured complete support for the Palestinian cause. He concluded by reiterating Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to the principles laid out by the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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