Pakistan’s PM Condemns Violent Tactics Targeting Civil Servants Amid Split Mandate

Mon Feb 19 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar stated on Monday that in light of the split mandate given by the people on February 8, certain elements, known for violence and vigilantism, are resorting to tactics such as weaponizing social media to coerce civil servants into shifting their loyalties away from the State.

This behavior blatantly violates Article 5 and other constitutional provisions, as well as national laws.

The State of Pakistan is committed to safeguarding civil servants as they fulfill their constitutional duties. Action will be taken against these violent actors, and they will face exemplary punishment, said the Prime Minister, adding their dedication to supporting these esteemed civil servants in serving both the State and the people of Pakistan remains unwavering.

He said the State of Pakistan shall ensure exemplary punishment for the elements involved in this malicious campaign. He said there should be no doubt about our commitment to these noble civil servants serving the State and the people of Pakistan.


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