Pakistan’s President Stresses Cultural Importance of Literature

Fri Dec 15 2023
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LAHORE: Pakistan’s President, Dr. Arif Alvi, on Friday said that the pivotal role of literature and social sciences in societal advancement. He underscored the need to foster a culture of book reading and challenged the misconception that these fields lack lucrative opportunities, stating that a well-rounded individual integrates both passion and science.

Addressing the first Dr. Jamil Jalibi Adabi Award ceremony at a local hotel in Lahore, Dr. Alvi advocated for a harmonious balance in life and highlighted the significance of literature in nurturing critical thinking.

He praised initiatives that promote Urdu literature and expressed concerns about discouraging knowledge seekers through overly restrictive copyright measures. The president lamented the declining trend of book reading and applauded the ceremony for its efforts in promoting literature.

Awards were conferred upon Yasmin Hameed for translating “Janobi Aisa ki Muntakhib Nazmain,” Khurram Shehzad for research and criticism, and Naseem Jaferi for contributions to children’s literature.

President Alvi acknowledged Dr. Khawar Jamil for his noteworthy contributions to Urdu literature, emphasizing the enduring value of literature.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab University Vice Chancellor Professor Khalid Mehmood, Professor Dr. M Kamran of Oriental College, and Professor Ziaul Hassan, Director of Jamil Jalibi Chair at Punjab University, also shared their insights.

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