Pat Cummins Smashes Records at IPL-2024 Auction

Tue Dec 19 2023
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DUBAI: Pat Cummins, the victorious captain of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, has sparked a frenzied bidding war in the Indian Premier League auction.

The coveted Australian skipper found himself at the center of attention as four teams vied fiercely for his services, ultimately setting a monumental record in IPL auction history.

The intensity peaked as Cummins, hailed for his remarkable leadership in securing Australia’s sixth World Cup title, became the highest-priced player in IPL auction annals. His value soared to an unprecedented INR 20.5 crores, shattering the previous record set by Sam Curran at INR 18.5 crore the preceding year.

The bidding skirmish unfolded with Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians igniting the competition, swiftly drawing Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrises Hyderabad into the gripping fray.

Cummins’ exceptional performance at the World Cup in India had already fueled predictions of high demand for his IPL participation. His leadership, coupled with his cricketing prowess, made him an irresistible asset in the eyes of IPL franchises eager to bolster their line-ups with a proven match-winner.

Ultimately, Sunrises Hyderabad emerged triumphant in securing Cummins’ services for the forthcoming season, securing a monumental acquisition that promises to add firepower and leadership to their roster.

The astronomical sum invested in Cummins underscores the evolving landscape of the IPL, where premier talent commands unprecedented valuations. As anticipation mounts for the upcoming season, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Pat Cummins, now set to embark on a new chapter in the IPL, carrying the weight of immense expectations and aspirations of another triumphant campaign.

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