PIA Shares Advisory Amid Flight Delays Due to Fog

Thu Dec 28 2023
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LAHORE: On Thursday, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) issued a fog-related advisory, warning of potential flight disruptions to Lahore, Multan, and Sialkot due to dense fog, which might lead to cancellations, alterations, or delays owing to poor visibility and intense fog conditions.

“All passengers are requested to get information about their flight from the call center before leaving for the airport. Apologies for this inconvenience to the distinguished guests,” he added.

Lahore Airport faced an unprecedented foggy situation on Wednesday, disrupting flight schedules and operations. Pilots were mandated to obtain clearance from Air Traffic Control (ATC) before attempting landings or take-offs.

Eventually, the airport authorities decided to close the runway, causing numerous cancellations and major schedule changes. This fog-induced disruption heavily affected several airlines, resulting in the cancellation of flights like PK 185 to Sharjah by Flight PK, PK 898 to Kuala Lumpur by PIA, and PA 471 from Jeddah by Airblue.

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