Poet Munir Niazi’s 17th Death Anniversary Being Observed Today

Tue Dec 26 2023
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LAHORE: The 17th death anniversary of prominent poet Munir Niazi is being observed today (Tuesday).

Born on April 19, 1928, in India’s Hoshiarpur, he later made Lahore his home and embarked on his journey of creating emotive verses, initially contributing to the cinematic realm with his eloquent film songs.

Niazi possessed a rare gift, showcasing his ability to intricately weave the pain of dreams, thoughts, and human emotions into the tapestry of his poetry.

His verses skillfully captured the profound essence of the human experience, deeply resonating with readers.

In recognition of his literary prowess, Munir Niazi received the President’s Award for Pride of Performance in 1992 and Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 1998.

He had left a lasting mark on the literary landscape.

Though he bid farewell to the world on December 26, 2006, his poetic legacy endures, continuing to inspire and touch the hearts of those who appreciate the profound beauty of his words.

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