Poland Summons Israeli Envoy Over Death of Polish Aid Worker in Gaza Strike

Wed Apr 03 2024
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WARSAW: Poland’s deputy foreign minister on Wednesday said he had summoned Israel’s ambassador for talks over the death of a Polish aid worker killed in an Israeli strike in Gaza.

The airstrike, which occurred on Monday, resulted in the deaths of seven staff members of the US-based food charity World Central Kitchen (WCK), including Damian Sobol, a 35-year-old Polish citizen.

Poland has requested an explanation from Israel regarding the Gaza strike and disclosed that the Israeli envoy to the country has been summoned for talks scheduled on Friday.

Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Szejna emphasized the importance of discussing the “new situation in Polish-Israeli relations” and addressing the “moral, political, and financial responsibility” for the strike. Szejna stated that such conversations are crucial for both bilateral relations and the family of the victim.

Israeli Ambassador to Poland Yacov Livne stated that he has reached out to local authorities to establish contact with the family of the deceased relief worker.

Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk expressed concerns about the strain on bilateral ties caused by the deadly strike and Israel’s response to the incident. Tusk directly addressed Israeli leaders, warning that the incident is testing the solidarity between the two countries.

The Israeli strike, which claimed the lives of seven aid workers in Gaza, including nationals from Australia, Britain, Palestine, and the US-Canada, has garnered widespread condemnation. Israeli Defense Minister acknowledged the strike as a “grave mistake,” while Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski urged Israel to apologize and compensate the victims’ families.

Sikorski also criticized Israel’s justification for the attack, emphasizing that civilian casualties cannot be justified under any circumstances. The attack prompted reactions from global leaders, with US President Joe Biden stating that Israel must do more to protect aid workers, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemning the strike as “unconscionable.”


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