Poland Transfers Some of Promised MiG-29s to Ukraine

Mon Apr 03 2023
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WARSAW: Poland on Monday said that it had transferred some of its promised MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine after its fellow NATO member Slovakia announced it had shipped the first batch of its own.

Marcin Przydacz, the Polish presidential aide, said that a few MiG-29s have already been delivered. No doubt, they are helpful to Ukraine in its defense of our collective security.

In February, when President Andrzej Duda announced they would deliver the first batch of four, Poland became the first NATO country to promise the fighter jets.

He said at the time that Poland presently has a dozen or so MiG jets that it inherited from the ex-German Democratic Republic and which they were close to sending to Ukraine.

Slovakia’s promise

Slovakia later said it would also dispatch MiG-29s to Ukraine, clarifying that they would consist of ten operational fighter jets and an additional three that would be used for spare parts.

In late February, Slovakia said it had already sent the first four pledged jets, with the remaining 9 to follow in the coming weeks.

Ukraine has repeatedly demanded its Western allies send warplanes, especially modern US-made F-16s.

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