Politicians’ Unfounded Claims Linking Offshore Wind Farms to Whale Deaths

Mon Dec 25 2023
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PORTLAND: Baseless assertions linking the construction of offshore wind turbines to whale deaths have become a contentious issue in the ongoing debate over the future of renewable energy.

Despite lacking credible scientific evidence, conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, have raised concerns about the impact of offshore wind farms on whales.

Scientists emphasize that there is no proven connection between offshore wind farms and whale deaths. However, conservative groups and ad hoc anti-development organizations, adopting a “not in my back yard” stance, continue to propagate these unfounded claims.

Wind Farms’ Construction in US

Currently, two commercial offshore wind farms are under construction in the United States. Danish wind energy developer Ørsted and utility Eversource are working on the South Fork Wind project, situated 35 miles east of Montauk Point, New York.

Ørsted recently announced that the first of the 12 turbines in this project is now contributing electricity to the grid. Another project, Vineyard Wind, is building a 62-turbine wind farm 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. Both are set to commence operations in early 2024.

Scientists underscored the need for evidence-based discussions to ensure informed decision-making in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

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