Pope Francis Expresses Deep Concern over Violence in Middle East

Mon Apr 10 2023
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VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis expressed “deep concern” on Sunday over current tensions between Palestinians and Israel delivering an Easter Mass in which the Pope also denounced the hurdles to peace in the world.

He added the recent violence “threatens” the desired of trust and respect needed to restore dialogue. He was addressing a crowd gathered in Saint Peter’s Square today.

Pope Francis Expresses Deep Concern over Violence

He also talked about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. “Help the people of Ukraine on their journey towards peace, and also shed the light of Easter on Russians,” he added.

The Pop drew attention to conflicts and wars worldwide, from Democratic Republic of Congo to Syria, and also offered prayers for victims of the quake in Turkey and Syria.

This week has seen an increase in unrest and violence between Palestinians and Israel.

Pope Francis called for a restoration of talks in order to ensure peace “in the Holy City and in the whole region.”

On Wednesday, Israeli personnel stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque in a pre-dawn attack aimed at removing “youths and agitators”.

Similarly, over thirty rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel. After then Israel bombarded Gaza and southern parts of Lebanon.

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