President Alvi Calls for Global Unity Against Violence at Margalla Dialogue

Wed Nov 15 2023
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ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi addressed the Annual Margalla Dialogue 2023, emphasizing the urgent need for a unified global approach to combat the violence stemming from wars and conflicts. Themed ‘Evolving World Environment: Charting the Course of Our Future,’ the event brought together diplomats, thinkers, and intellectuals from various countries.

President Alvi expressed concern about the dehumanization of individuals worldwide, noting that vested interests often took precedence over humanity. He strongly asserted that war is not a viable solution to conflicts, leading only to a perpetual cycle of violence.

He criticized the use of the right of veto against halting wars, questioning the ethical standards of countries employing such tactics.

The president highlighted the pressing issue of massive killings in Gaza, urging the international community to intervene and halt the bloodshed caused by Israel. He criticized Israel’s justification for eliminating Hamas, describing the actions as killing Palestinians like savages and dismissing the deaths as collateral damage.

Reflecting on historical developments, President Alvi pointed out that the world, after experiencing numerous war-related deaths in Europe, culminated in peace treaties and the establishment of bodies like the League of Nations and the United Nations (UN). He emphasized the crucial role of the UN in initiating peace efforts and preventing disputes from escalating into conflicts, serving as an effective mechanism to stop wars.

Beyond conflicts, the president acknowledged various global threats, including climate change, artificial intelligence, negative social narratives, unequal wealth distribution, and widespread dissatisfaction among mankind. He stressed that realistic solutions to these challenges require international cooperation, advocating for the adoption of viable systems and the integration of ethical morality into approaches.

Dr. Raza Muhammad, President of IPRI, echoed the call for a collective global approach to address both natural and man-made disasters, emphasizing the need for a focused effort on conflict resolution, the economy, and climate change.

In a solemn moment, President Alvi and attendees observed a one-minute silence for the innocent people of Palestine, expressing solidarity in the face of the barbaric acts perpetrated by Israel.

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