Prices of Dry Fruits Climb Amid Intense Cold Weather in Pakistan

Sun Dec 31 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Citizens said that the prices of dry fruits are higher than last year because of inflation in the country. A shopkeeper named Ahmad admitted that the prices of dry fruits were high this year due to different factors. Ahmad used to sell dry fruits worth Rs 50,000 on a daily basis, whereas his sales are hardly Rs 20,000 this year. He added that many shopkeepers have left the dry fruits business due to a decline in sales.

The shopkeepers said that the prices of pistachios are Rs 3200 to 4000, pine nuts (chilghoza) 8000 to 12000, and cashews 3400 to 4400. Dry apricots 1000 to 1400, solid walnuts 800 to 1400, walnuts 3000 to 3500, roasted chickpeas 800 to 1000, reedy 500 to 800, almonds 2600 to 3200, paper almonds 1600 to 2000, and groundnuts selling Rs 800 to 1000 per kg in the market.

Prices of Dry Fruits Climb as Cold Approaches in Pakistan

A citizen named Jamal Shah said that among the long list of dry fruits, roasted gram and groundnuts, which the citizens could buy to some extent, are now becoming out of their reach. Safdar Ali said that the shopkeepers have randomly increased the prices, and each shopkeeper has set their own prices in the same market. He added that everyone wanted to buy dry fruits but went out of the market without purchasing due to high prices.  

People have demanded a regular check and balance system on the prices of dry fruits so that profiteers could be discouraged and fruits could be made available to citizens at fair prices.


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