Pro-Palestinian Protesters March in London Call for Boycott of ‘Israeli-Linked’ Brands

Sat Dec 23 2023
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LONDON: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to London’s Oxford Street, urging Christmas shoppers to boycott “Israeli-linked” brands in a protest against its relentless air and ground offensive in Gaza.

Organized by the direct-action group Sisters Uncut on Saturday afternoon, a few hundred protesters caused traffic standstills in the street. Beginning in Soho Square with chants of “free Palestine,” they proceeded to march along the bustling shopping street.

Security personnel blocked access to the Zara fashion store, and the march was closely monitored by dozens of law enforcement officers. Leaflets distributed by Sisters Uncut conveyed the message: “No Christmas as usual in a genocide. The UK is complicit. Don’t fund genocide in Palestine. Boycott Israel.”

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